You are home equity owner? Then you know what is the landscape. The small natural human desire to restore the natural beauty of their land piece sometimes require a lot of ingenuity and effort.
Most importantly your own private, relaxation area to create a way to remove the works of local tensions, the street hustle and bustle of gray. Have their own place of nature in your home and enjoy the serenity.
Environmental afforestation completed all landscape design work, fully formed single garden mood image. Formed in the territory of the environment becomes of harmony and relaxation area, regardless of the size of the plot.

Landscaping works:
Adoption of environmentally-management and landscape design solutions, in particular, it is worth to keep in mind the essential environmental formation stages, which not only facilitates the territory environment kūimo workflow, but all work to provide the necessary structure. These stages can be identified as:

1. Design work (at that stage formed the so-called 'Draft' landšalfto design project, designed tracks, small bodies of water or drainage works, etc.).
2. Site designation (retaining walls, installation of small architectural elements of buildings, fertile soil works, lighting system installation). After these two stages, which can be called the basis of environmental beautification works konretūs put into action, forming a landscape.

Landscape Design
In general, landscape design - a term defining all the work, making their ornamental horticulture, harmonious environment. What's important to start any area beautification works? Of course, in particular, shows that the landscape itself, or in other words, landscape, hiding not only his clean-up opportunities, but also disadvantages. So, your task - to highlight not only the essential features of his art, but also in the natural landscape development processes to deal with the challenges, hiding or removing the landscaping deficiencies. In this case, it is important to properly select not only the herb of the field, but also the lighting system which is suitable plot fencing method.

Plant selection for a particular plot
It is important to note that the first of this work depends on the environmental conditions (climate, which allows for comfortable relaxation and vegetation determines the choice). Also, be sure to keep in mind that a large part of the landscape design aesthetics depend on the terrain. It is the conditions of all engineering and architectural artistic decisions. It is due to differences in terrain formed a variety of natural and cultural landscapes, and soil and vegetation results in a variety of landscaping options.

Environmental Design;
3D design;
Lawn Installation;
rolls lawn laying;
rockery installation;
installation of flower beds;
Vertical Gardens;
roofing and landscaping slopes;
Offices landscaping.

Irrigation system
Irrigation system efficiency;
Irrigation System Design;
Irrigation System Installation;
Irrigation System Maintenance.